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My Financial Literacy Go To's

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

As I continue to navigate my own personal journey toward financial literacy and financial freedom and advance as an entrepreneur, here are some of the books and tools I have been using.

(I do not get paid for sharing these resources with you/have not been given an endorsement deal...maybe one day lol)

Just so you know, these resources I have used are in no particular order and are in no way meant to be advice on my part. They are just examples of tools and materials I've browsed through or read that I found to be informative or helpful. Enjoy!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

If you haven't read this book are missing out!! Written at the primary author's personal testimony, it makes us THINK about they way we are all thinking about money. It is an excellent book to help shift your viewpoint on making your money work for you. If you don't know what I mean by that, that is even more reason for you to check out this book!

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

So many people SWEAR by this book! I think it's a great resource to help you transition your mindset into a "wealth creating" mindset. And when I say wealth creating I don't just mean from a monetary standpoint. For me, this book get me a wealth of knowledge and allowed me to consider how important having the right mindset is when you're trying to make money. Setting goals, prioritizing, visualizing your success, all of these mental processes really can help you gain more clarity on how to be monetarily successful/successful in your entrepreneurship ventures. Take time out to read it. I'm sure your local library has a copy or two, or you may be able to find an audiobook version online as well.

Wake Up Call Financial Lessons Learned from Jay Z's 444 by Ash Cash

This read is super simple but has a very creative take on merging hip hop music and financial education, similar to Jay Z's 444 album of course. I had the pleasure of meeting Ash Cash this year and he's super passionate about educating people, especially minorities, about financial literacy.

Minority Mindset YouTube Channel

This guy is both funny and speaks on facts about entrepreneurship and money. From crypto currency to how to save money fast, he gives practical tips on money management, entrepreneurship, and other lifestyle tips. He has his own website in addition to his YouTube channel and has authored some books of his own. When you have the time, check out one of his videos.

AdvisorFi.Com & 180 Law Co, LLC Youtube Channels

I watched videos from both of these channels with regards to the "legal' side of business, and some of the videos helped educate me on topics related to business registration. At the very least these videos prepared me to ask questions of qualified professionals or do research. So again, none of these resources I'm sharing are meant to be law they are just resources I have come across and found to be helpful.



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